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OMEGA Institute

Omega Institute - Founded in 1977, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies is one of the nation’s most trusted source for wellness and personal growth. As a nonprofit organization, Omega offers diverse and innovative educational experiences that inspire an integrated approach to personal and social change. Located on 195 acres in the beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega welcomes more than 20,000 people to its workshops, conferences, and retreats in Rhinebeck, New York and at exceptional locations around the world. Personal transformation is the foundation for transformation in the world around us. Individual wellness, personal growth, and a healthy body, mind, and spirit help us make the world a better place to live and raise our families. To this end, Omega helps lead the way in creating a sustainable world. 

Esalen Esalen Institute is a center in Big Sur, California for humanistic alternative education and a nonprofit organization devoted to multidisciplinary studies ordinarily neglected or unfavored by traditional academia. Esalen offers more than 500 public workshops a year in addition to invitational conferences, residential work-study programs, research initiatives, and internships. Part think-tank for the emerging world culture, part college and lab for transformative practices, and part restorative retreat, Esalen is dedicated to exploring work in the humanities and sciences that furthers the full realization of what Aldous Huxley called the “human potential”. 

Mirmont Treatment Center

Mirmont Treatment  Located in Media, PA Mirmont Treatment Center has helped many people and their families who suffer from addiction, begin the journey of recovery from alcoholism and drug dependency. Mirmont offers a full continuum of inpatient and outpatient programs and services for adults over the age of 18. 

  • Inpatient Medically Monitored Detoxification

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Inpatient Dual Diagnosis 

  • Intensive Outpatient

  • Individual Therapy

Every person who comes through our door has the opportunity to enter a process that will help him or her make the necessary changes to live a sober and free life.

Caron Pennsylvania  Located in Wernersville, Pa (near Reading), Caron provides an enlightened, caring treatment community in which all those affected by alcoholism or other drug addiction may begin a new life.  

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous-  The Southeastern Pennsylvania InterGroup Association of Alcoholics Anonymous welcomes you to its Official Website. SEPIA covers the Southeastern Pennsylvania area, including Philadelphia and the surrounding counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. Our primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers. We can help! Please call 215-923-7900. - Thomas Jefferson said that a successful democracy depends on an informed electorate. The rhetoric of political campaigns is increasingly negative and misleading, if not flat out false, and it is difficult to find the truth on most popular media outlets, which seem more concerned with propagating and perpetuating political pap.  Regardless of your political leanings, please consider visiting this non-partisan site, and the one below, frequently, to weed out the truths from the lies, and to better understand where the candidates stand on the issues that really matter to our great country. 

Utne Reader Utne Reader  is a bimonthly digest of independent ideas and alternative culture. Not right, not left, but forward thinking. We're most interested in creating a conversation about everything from the environment to the economy, politics to pop culture, and emerging cultural trends. Utne gathers articles from 1,500 magazines, newsletters, journals, weeklies, zines, and other lively dispatches from the cultural front; the sorts of cutting-edge publications you won't find at the average bookstore or newsstand. Our editors glean this material for compelling, delightfully written stories, interviews, and cultural criticism, then edit and reprint the most essential. 

New American Dream  "More fun, Less stuff"! A non-profit organization based in Takoma Park, Maryland, the primary focus of New American Dream is promoting sustainable consumption. Their mission is to “help Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice.” The organization works with individuals, institutions, communities, and businesses to conserve natural resources, counter the commercialization of the culture, and change the way goods are produced and consumed. New American Dream encourages people to “live consciously, buy wisely, and make a difference”.

Best Friends Animal Society  Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, located in Kenab, Utah is home to about 1,500 dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds and other animals.  Best Friends works with you -- and with humane groups all across the country -- to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets.  In our home state, Best Friends manages a model No More Homeless Pets campaign with shelters and humane groups statewide to ensure that every healthy dog or cat that's ever born can be guaranteed a loving home. And Best Friends reaches across the nation, helping humane groups, individual people, and entire communities to set up spay/neuter, shelter, foster, and adoption programs in their own neighborhoods, cities, and states.

Write Mind Institute  Located in Asheville, NC, the WriteMind Institute offers holistic retreats for corporate executives and employees designed to broaden and deepen traditional approaches to corporate philosophies. 

Natural Lands Trust

Natural Lands Trust -  A regional land trust proactively conserving land in the greater Philadelphia region.

Willistown Conservation Trust

www.wctrust.orgThe mission of the Willistown Conservation Trust is to preserve the open land, rural character, scenic, historic and ecologically significant resources of the Willistown area and nearby communities, with particular emphasis on the Crum, Ridley and Darby Creek watersheds.This mission is accomplished primarily by working with area landowners to acquaint them with the conservation options available to them in planning for the future protection and stewardship of their lands, and assisting them in the implementation of those plans.

PathWays PA was founded in 1978 as the Women’s Association for Women’s Alternatives. It served as one of Pennsylvania’s first residential programs to keep low-income, vulnerable women together with their children and has grown to become one of the Greater Philadelphia Region’s foremost providers of residential and community-based services for women, children and families. Each year over 4,500 women, children and families benefit from our full complement of social services; job training and employment assistance; as well as outreach and residential programs as they move along the path to self-sufficiency. With offices throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and advocacy initiatives on behalf of low-wage workers statewide, PathWays PA provides programs committed to the development of client self-sufficiency which leads to the fulfillment of our mission: To help women, teens, children and families achieve economic independence and family well-being.

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