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Barefoot Yoga Studio currently offers weekly Group Yoga Classes and Strength, Stretch & Balance Classes in the comfort of your own home online thru Zoom.  In addition, we offer Yoga Nidra classes, Special workshops, Class Series, Private Yoga Sessions and Yoga Therapy Sessions.  Please see our offerings below and contact us if you have any questions.   

  • Online Group Hatha Yoga Classes with Heather                                                                                                                            Some of the benefits of Yoga include include improved posture, improved strength, balance, and flexibility, better sleep, weight loss, stress relief, low back pain relief, neck/shoulder pain relief and relaxation. Group Yoga Classes are taught therapeutically, gently, safely, slowly, mindfully and meditatively with all levels of experience in mind. Each class includes education, breathing, movement, poses, meditation and relaxation. Please sign up and purchase on our scheduling page.  

  • Online Strength, Stretch, & Balance Class with Tracy                                                                                                            Improving balance makes everyday activities easier, like carrying groceries, walking up and down stairs, and quickly changing directions. Developing good balance can improve overall health and fitness levels, preventing the risk of injury and falls. Ideally a healthy workout routine incorporates strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. This class is designed to improve functional movement, tone and build strength, increase balance, and then stretch to improve flexibility -  all while having a little fun!  Please sign up and purchase on our scheduling page.

  • Online Yoga Nidra Class with Heather                                                                                                                                           There is evidence that Yoga Nidra improves sleep, aids in healing, and reduces pain and stress.  Yoga Nidra is  powerful meditation technique induced by a guided relaxation.  During the relaxation we are brought into a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping and left feeling more relaxed, rested, and rejuvenated.  


  • Online Meditation Class Series: Finding the right practice for you! (6-week Series)                                                                                          I am sure you have heard of all of the benefits of meditation, there are so many: stress relief, better sleep, emotional balance, lower blood pressure, and more. Meditation is a great way to take care of ourselves. Meditation nurtures us and our souls. It is calming, healing, and can connect us with our higher and creative selves.  Meditation practices, and our experiences during meditation are unique to each of us. Each week, we will explore a different style of meditation to help you learn what is right for you. Together, we will breathe, move, discuss, and experience a guided meditation, leaving you feeling nourished and relaxed. 

  • Online Private Yoga Sessions with Heather                                                                                                                                  Private yoga sessions give you the supportive, compassionate, professional attention that allows you to focus on yourself and your own goals and needs safely and sacredly. These sessions are designed especially for you, available to you on your own time and at your own pace. Together, we will create a class that may include breathing, movement and/or poses, meditation, and relaxation. Great for beginner students or for those seeking a meaningful connection with themselves, alone time, or deeper self-care. Please contact us, if you are interested in this beautiful investment for yourself!


  • Online Yoga Therapy Sessions with Heather                                                                                                                                    Yoga Therapy Sessions are private sessions. These sessions are for those individuals who are seeking knowledge, transformation, those with injuries or illnesses, or for those looking deeper within themselves. These sessions will be guided and inspired by you and your earning. During these sessions, individuals will set goals, overcome obstacles, reach those goals, and receive a variety of yogic tools and support for their health and happiness.  Please contact us, if you are interested in yoga therapy sessions. 

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