In-Studio Offerings

To purchase access to an in-studio class, please visit our Arbox kiosk here.


Hatha Yoga Class - $25

Strength, Stretch & Balance Class - $25

Private Yoga Session - $70 per 1 hour session; $280 for 5 sessions

Yoga Therapy Session - $90 per 1 hour session; $400 for 6 sessions


5 Class Package - $110

10 Class Package - $200

20 Class Package - $340

Monthly Unlimited - $200

Auto Renew Monthly Unlimited - $150

Intro Offer: 2 Weeks Unlimited - $40

Special Offers for Students, Teachers, and Essential Workers!

College Students, Unlimited Classes June through August - $150

Teachers and Essential Workers, Unlimited Classes June through September 15 - $250

If you plan to attend an in-studio class, please see our Special Info, Guidelines, and Procedures on the in-studio offerings page.

Online Offerings

Class Packages

1 Class - $17

5 Classes - $80

10 Classes - $150

15 Classes - $210

6 Week Meditation Series - $50


Unlimited Class Options

1 Month Unlimited - $115

6 Months Unlimited (billed monthly) - $99/month

Private Session Options

1 Hour Yoga Instruction - $70, or $280 for 5 sessions

1 Hour Yoga Therapy - $90, or $400 for 6 sessions

Special Offers for New Students!

First Class - Free!

1 Month Unlimited - $40!


Class Descriptions


Some of the benefits of Yoga include include improved posture, improved strength, balance, and flexibility, better sleep, weight loss, stress relief, low back pain relief, neck/shoulder pain relief and relaxation.


Group Yoga Classes are taught therapeutically, gently, safely, slowly, mindfully and meditatively with all levels of experience in mind. Each class includes education, breathing, movement, poses, meditation and relaxation. Please come
and experience the benefits!

Strength, Stretch & Balance

Improving balance makes everyday activities easier, like carrying groceries, walking up and down stairs, and quickly changing directions. Developing good balance can improve overall health and fitness levels, preventing the risk of injury and falls. Ideally a healthy workout routine incorporates strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. This class is designed to improve functional movement, tone and build strength, increase balance, and then stretch to improve flexibility -  all while having a little fun!